What is the Donna's Kids Program? (Donna's Kids)

PrintWhat is the Donna's Kids Program?

This KMHA program was created to assist parents with the costs associated with having their child(ren) play minor hockey. In these recent times of economic hardship, a family's financial landscape may have changed dramatically and unexpectedly. That why we're here.

A dedicated committee of volunteers ensures that this program provides for the needs of all participants. Fundraising is constantly ongoing to meet these needs. Special events are held, like Golf Tournaments etc., and all proceeds raised go towards this cause. There are also personal and corporate donations available to anyone visiting this web site.

People's circumstances, and therefore their needs, change constantly. KMHA is happy to help but request that you only ask for what you need. In doing so, there will be more for everyone, maximizing the number of children that can play.

This KMHA Program is overseen by our Director of Donna's Kids.  The Director works directly with the KMHA office regarding each child's registration and financial requirements.  Every effort is made to respect yours and your child's privacy.